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WebinarGeek is made to create webinars as quickly and as easily as possible. A real-time, HD+ live event with all the interaction and marketing tools you need!


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Personal contact

Our live webinar software is packed with interaction tools. Allow your viewers to have the opportunity to interact with you on a personal level. Live webinars are a tremendous way to get to know your target group even better through interactions, polls, and questionnaires.

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Create value

Live Q&As, product updates, demos, and providing valuable information are a great way to retain existing customers for a longer period of time. Engage with your audience and invite them live on stage. Live webinars are fantastic for having contact with (existing) customers in an effortless and convenient way.

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Lead generation

With WebinarGeek you can collect leads directly through registration and link them to existing programs such as MailChimp. Use the collected statistics and follow up on your hot leads by sending them a targeted offer.

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You can give your undivided attention to the viewer. Answer viewers directly in the live chat or use the other interaction tools.

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