Webinars for Education

WebinarGeek builds state of the art webinar technology for education. Provide students with education in an accessible way.

Education institutions who are already working with us:

Display anything

Create a real learning environment in an accessible way. Within your online classrooms, the teacher can display presentation slides, start videos and interact with students in many effective ways. Everything that’s possible in an educational environment, is easily accessible online.

Engage with students directly

Instantly communicate with your students with no boundaries. A real-time interactive experience through live chats, polls, and questions to engage them in the subjects. Undoubtedly gain analytic insights about your students to support them in better ways.

Digital possibilities with webinars

Webinars open all boundaries in the modern world. Discover new-found knowledge to share together with new students and teachers from all unique kinds. These variations can naturally bring your institution to an increased level you’ve never imagined.

Be connected with no boundaries

You can give your undivided attention. Answer the students directly in the live chat or use the other interaction tools.

Experience the power of our webinar software

Assessment tools

Set up specific criteria for your webinar to empower students to participate during the online class while assessing their knowledge for educational or training purposes. With our well-designed assessment tool, you can collect data in the easiest way possible.

On demand classes

The traditional classes are offered at specified times and provide students little to no flexibility. On demand webinar technology makes it possible to pause between classes and start off at a time where they've stopped without losing any engagement or interactive data. Suitable to their own schedule.


Create quiz questions to assess your students or trainees with webinars. Select single or multiple choice question and combine with the assessment tool to see if they pass the assessment after the webinar.

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