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Product updates

Product update February 2024

Product update: webhooks in beta

08 February 2024 - -10 min

Hide audio-only viewers, update for Pipedrive and webhooks in beta.

Product Update January 2024

Product Update: the streaming app in your branding

12 January 2024 - 5 min

Host webinars with more than 10 attendees, display interaction results to viewers, personalize the streaming app in your company colors, and explore a new update to Pipedrive.

Product update december

Product Update: email statistics

07 December 2023 - 5 min

Ask viewers to raise a hand, more insights with email statistics, a new chat feature and more!

November 2023 Product Update

Product update: invite an attendee to speak

02 November 2023 - 5 min

We improved the attendee-on-stage feature to make sharing the spotlight with viewers easier than ever. Plus, there's a new functionality coming that many have been asking for!

Product update October 2023

Product update: invite a viewer on stage

05 October 2023 - 5 min

Make your webinars even more interactive by inviting a viewer on stage! Plus check out new Zapier triggers, limit the number of webinars on the registration page, and sync more info in ActiveCampaign.

Product update september 2023

Product Update: upload your own virtual background

21 September 2023 - 5 min

Use a new trigger, add more branding options and mass-anonymize data.

Product Update August 2023

Product Update: New option for video layout

03 August 2023 - 5 min

Respond to chat messages in public chat and more options for replay & on demand playback.

Product Update July 2023

Product update: Salesforce integration

06 July 2023 - 5 min

Integrate with Salesforce, use virtual backgrounds, add a description to calendar invitations, and set custom icons.

Product Update June 2023

Product update: Create your webinar dream team

08 June 2023 - 5 min

Use internal titles for webinars, Salesforce integration is in beta, and coming soon...