Hybrid webinar

Combine a live webinar with a pre-recorded video or presentation

Give your undivided attention!

With a hybrid webinar, you put the focus completely on the viewers. You can play a pre-recorded video and end with a live Q&A. Ideal for product demos!

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No more stress to present your webinar live

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Use multiple pre-recorded videos

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Concentrate fully on the questions

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Video injection

During the live webinar you play a pre-recorded video. For example, show a promotional video, testimonial or a product demo.

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Hybrid events

Pre-record part of your presentation. Start the webinar live with an introduction, show a video, and then end your webinar to answer live questions.

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Make it perfect

You can make the videos that you record in advance as you wish. Practice as often as you like and perfect your recording.

Experience the power of our webinar software

You can give your undivided attention to the viewer. Combine live with pre-recorded videos and impress viewers!

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