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Do you also want to participate in the WebinarGeek affiliate program?

With our affiliate program you can earn commission while promoting our webinar software. This while you can reach a large audience with our software.

Since 2015 we offer a reliable platform and fantastic support via live chat. We already helped thousands of companies setting up their webinars successfully.

Become a part of the group of marketeers in our affiliate program and earn commission monthly promoting WebinarGeek.

How can you participate?

Step 1

Create a WebinarGeek account and get a paid subscription.

Step 2

Activate the affiliate program, which you can find in your account pages.

Step 3

Start promoting WebinarGeek with the generated referral link. Share it with your contacts.

Step 4

Measure your success! You can now measure your results in real time in your account.

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Earn 10% recurring commission

As WebinarGeek Affiliate Partner you can earn 10% commission for every new customer who comes to us via you. Including upgrades!

Tips for promotion

Tip 1

Write a review for your blog or social network. People like to read on how you apply tools to become successful. Or write a comparison between WebinarGeek and other webinar software you used in the past.

Tip 2

Add information about WebinarGeek together with your affiliate link to pages on your website about marketing and/or successful entrepreneurship.

Tip 3

Share how you apply webinars within your organisation to become successful and achieve more results. People like to read about success and see practical examples.

Tip 4

Send a mailing to your network with a link to the WebinarGeek demo with your affiliate code in the link.

Tip 5

Put a WebinarGeek banner on your site with the affiliate link. The banner shows that you are a WebinarGeek fan! And all other things you can think of. Share your ideas, we are happy to help.

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Frequently asked questions

How high is the commission?

The commission is 10% on the subscription costs someone pays. It continues as long as you and your referral are WebinarGeek customers, including up- and downgrades.

What can I earn?

With the monthly and yearly subscriptions we offer you can imagine that your commission can go up quite quickly. There is no maximum, the more the better! ;-)

What are the requirements to become an affiliate?

All organisations within Europe with a valid VAT-number are eligible to become a WebinarGeek affiliate. Other than that we require you to be a WebinarGeek customer yourself.

When can I expect payouts?

You can request to be paid out and we will make sure that the money is on your bank account within two weeks. The minimum amount required to be paid out is € 25,-.

How long is the cookie time?

The cookie time is 7 days. Which means that if someone comes on the website via your affiliate link and starts a trial within 7 days, then this someone will be added to your affiliate account.

Do you have terms and conditions for the WebinarGeek Affiliate Program?

We certainly do! You can read the WebinarGeek Affiliate Program terms and conditions here.

How do you measure conversions?

Conversion is measured via your unique affiliate link. This way we can track who comes on our website via which way.

So its important that someone starts the trial on the same browser via the same device. If this doesn't happen, this person will not be attributed to your affiliate account.

Wat are cookies?

Cookies are small files which are stored on a user's computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer.

We use cookies to store who visits our website via which link, so that we also know later when someone visits the site without an affiliate link, whether someone should be attributed to an affiliate account or not.

Can I also earn commission on my own subscription?

You need to be a WebinarGeek customer yourself in order to participate in the WebinarGeek Affiliate Program. Therefore it is not possible to earn commission on your own subscription.

Someone signed up for WebinarGeek but did not use my affiliate link. What can I do?

It may happen that someone signed up for a WebinarGeek account but did not use your referral link. Or ended up creating the account on another browser or computer. Contact us in such cases, so we can help find a solution.

What if I still have questions?

You can start a chat with us here. Just ask us your questions, we are happy to help.

Become a WebinarGeek Affiliate Partner

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