Terms and conditions for the WebinarGeek Affiliate Program

The following terms and conditions apply to the Users who promote WebinarGeek’s webinar software through the affiliate program (hereinafter referred to as ‘Affiliate’). By registering for the affiliate program on the Website, the Affiliate agrees to these terms and conditions.

1. Becoming an Affiliate

1.1. WebinarGeek appoints the Affiliate as its mediator.

1.2. The Affiliate will make every effort to promote the Service by stimulating visitors to subscribe to WebinarGeek’s Service through a referral link.

1.3. The requirement for participation in the affiliate program is that the Affiliate has concluded an Agreement with WebinarGeek for the use of the Service.

2. Account management

2.1. In order to gain access to the affiliate program, the Affiliate creates an Account. The affiliate program can be activated in the Account.

2.2. WebinarGeek can refuse a User to participate in the affiliate program at its own discretion.

2.3. WebinarGeek will provide the referral link to the Affiliate through his or her Account.

3. Promotional materials and types of promotion

3.1. In promoting WebinarGeek’s Services the Affiliate can use the referral link, texts, and images as they can be found on the Website. The Affiliate is required to regularly verify the pricing.

3.2. The Affiliate is prohibited to:

  • 3.2.1. display promotional expressions in the pop-up, pop-under, or similar windows or technologies;

  • 3.2.2. display promotional expressions on websites or other media that are of an erotic or pornographic nature;

  • 3.2.3. perform promotional actions by using electronic communication through email, text message, or similar media (‘spam’); or

  • 3.2.4. include in promotional expressions encouragements of any kind to click on the promotional materials or falsely claim to be a potential User with the advertiser in order to push up the fee for the Affiliate.

3.3. The Affiliate will not make remarks related to WebinarGeek’s offered services, that are incorrect or violate relevant legislation, such as legislation on comparative advertising, unfair trading practices, and consumer rights.

3.4. The Affiliate will not create confusion about his status as an Affiliate for WebinarGeek. The Affiliate is not allowed to use and/or register domain names and/or accounts on social media (such as Twitter and Facebook), that contain WebinarGeek’s name or that can create confusion in any way about the Affiliate’s status as an affiliate.

3.5. If WebinarGeek finds or has a reasonable suspicion that the Affiliate is infringing the provisions stated in this article, she will inform the Affiliate accordingly. The Affiliate will then cease or not resume the action concerned as soon as possible, in the absence of which WebinarGeek can terminate the Affiliate Agreement.

4. Liability

4.1. The Affiliate promotes at his own expense and risk and the Affiliate is liable to third parties for the consequences of their acts or omissions. The Parties will indemnify each other against claims from third parties in this context.

5. Fee

5.1. As payment for the delivered efforts made by the Affiliate, WebinarGeek will pay the Affiliate 10% of the net price of the concluded Agreement by a User for every user that can be identified to effectively conclude an Agreement with WebinarGeek and whose payment has been made in EUR or USD.

5.2. At the request of the Affiliate, WebinarGeek will pay the fees owed. This request can be submitted through the Account. These fees will be paid within fourteen days. The minimum amount for payment is € 25.

5.3.No fee is owed if the User is brought in after the affiliate program has been terminated. However, a fee is owed if only the approval as referred to in the next section has taken place after termination of the affiliate program.

5.4. WebinarGeek may refuse to pay a fee if there are good reasons to do so.

6. Duration, renewal, and termination

6.1. The affiliate program is entered for the duration of the Agreement. Termination of the Agreement also leads to termination of the affiliate program.

6.2. Both WebinarGeek and the Affiliate can terminate the affiliate program at any time.

6.3. No fee is owed if a User places an order after the affiliate program has been terminated.

6.4. After the affiliate program has been terminated, WebinarGeek will pay the due amount of fees in accordance with article 23. If WebinarGeek terminates the Agreement on the basis of committed fraud by the Affiliate, WebinarGeek is not obligated to pay this due amount of fees to the Affiliate.