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Restream your webinars to LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and 30+ other platforms

Jan-Willem - WebinarGeek


12 May 2022 - 14 min

Social Media channel overview

We received a lot of demand for guidelines on how to use Restream in combination with WebinarGeek so here it is!

In a few minutes, you’ll know how to stream your webinars to +30 social media channels at once - using WebinarGeek and Restream. You can use this blog as a handbook to realize massive audience growth on social media. Buckle up!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Reasons for live streaming on social media

  • Multistreaming 

  • Live stream as part of your funnel

  • What is Restream

  • How to connect WebinarGeek to Restream

  • Content ideas to stream to social media

Reasons to live stream on social media

Livestreams have become one of the most impactful communication tools for social media. It has the highest relevance factor of your content and it allows you to engage live with your audience in relation to pre-recorded content. 

But that’s only the front.

On the backside of things, there is a big shift happening. Social media platforms are becoming the go-to platforms to enjoy live content over traditional television. Sites like Youtube, Linkedin, and Facebook want you to be as long on their platforms as possible.

To stimulate you to do this, you’ll get rewarded with more views. So it is safe to say that going live on social media is one of the best tactics to grow your audience and create brand awareness fast.


The best social media platform to stream to is where your audience hangs out. It’s possible that you cater to different segments and that they are all on different platforms. That’s where the magic of multistreaming comes in.

Multistreaming enables you to distribute your content from one single source to multiple platforms - at once. For example, you host a webinar with WebinarGeek that you stream simultaneously on Linkedin and Facebook so both of your audiences get engaged. 

The ground rule of content creation is that your content should appeal to a specific audience. Therefore, before hitting that ‘Multistream to all 30 Social Media Platforms!’-button, think about how people on these platforms will experience the content. 

Multistreaming is very powerful but it comes with the duty to really think in advance about what you’re putting out there for so many people.

Livestream as a part of your funnel

Livestreaming to social media is an important moment. You’re stepping into the spotlight to showcase your expertise and to talk to your audience. But as much as it is a big moment, it is part of bigger things: your funnel. Here’s how to locate a live stream in your marketing funnel.

A method shown with multiple steps

Before you start hosting your webinar, you need to do your keyword research. Learn about what topics are hot and what are not.

Target your audience. Get an idea of who you’ll be addressing to. The better you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to establish an emotional connection, and the better your content will resonate with them.

OK, time for action. Post a (live) video on the topic and introduce your webinar to drive traffic to your webinar registration page. Create a paid ad to further drive traffic.

Actively pursue affiliate programs with other creators in the same field to attract larger audiences.

Start the email marketing sequence in WebinarGeek to get people ready for your webinar. 

Time for the webinar! Discuss the problem your audience is having. Provide insights on how they can solve it themselves and hand them the shortcut: your solution. 

Repurpose by creating content out of the webinar: videos, blog posts, and audio files for a podcast. Make sure people find more value when they are looking for it. 

Finally, follow up with people that went to your trial page but did not convert. You can do this by offering membership advantages. About 50% of sales come from follow-ups. 

As you can see, live streaming plays a fundamental part in getting customers. 

Now that you know why live streaming is important, it is time to introduce you to the rocket fuel that will turn your business into a serious broadcaster: Restream.

What is Restream?

Restream is an online video platform that allows you to schedule and stream live and pre-recorded content to +30 social media channels at once.

Overview of social media channels

According to Restream statistics, Facebook and Youtube both reside around 2.9 billion active users per month. With live content being very popular, it is evident that Restream needs to be part of your marketing toolkit.

In 2021, TikTok became an immensely popular platform and is fastly becoming one of the most used social media platforms. In 2022, they rolled out their live stream feature so it is inevitable that Restream will facilitate streaming to that platform too.

How to connect WebinarGeek to Restream?

We created a flow that allows us to set up a webinar in WebinarGeek and connect it to Restream via OBS. A few tests later, we were really happy about the results!

The first thing you need to do is set up your Restream account. 

They offer a free plan to start streaming your webinars to social media, which is excellent to start with.

Overview of Restream plans

Once you have set up your Restream account, you need to connect it to OBS, a free streaming encoder. Check out this article on how to connect Restream to OBS.

When the connection between OBS and Restream is up and running, determine if you want to stream live or pre-recorded content, select the social media channels and go live in OBS. Immediately your content will be pushed live to your channels. It’s that easy.

Restream offers a RTMP function as well, allowing you to stream back to WebinarGeek from OBS at the same time as streaming to social media. 

If you are going to stream via Linkedin or Facebook, make sure an event has been created first, enabling you to stream live in the right event. This also allows you to advertise the stream in advance.

What kind of content to stream to social media

Now that you’re all set with the right tools to reach millions of people, it’s time to think about what you will cover.

Live interviews & Q&A

Live interviews and Q&A work really well. It’s laidback and shows your expertise on the topic. Also, the engagement of your audience is pretty high here.


Events are another great type of content to push live to social. Think about hosting a live product launch or covering an event. People will feel part of it, even though they are following it from their phone or tablet.


The third option takes time to prepare but is probably best to grow your audience: a live talk show. Hosting a talk with industry experts and thought leaders can be very valuable for your audience. 

You’ll feed them insights and inspiration on how to deal with problems that they have - positioning you as an expert. The more you are consistent in hosting your live streams, the faster your audience will grow. 

Your content deserves to be seen by the right audience. Start streaming your webinars live to social media now with WebinarGeek and Restream.

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