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In recent years, the product demo has become increasingly important in marketing.

As a consumer we increasingly consider whether we register our e-mail address to get access to that one tool. It could be that your inbox is already full of these free trial registrations.

How to handle this from a company perspective? How do you help the prospect to make that choice in your direction? Right. Via a product demo video. 

Give your prospects insight into your tool before they register. Distinguish yourself from competitors and make it interesting for the prospect to register with you.
You're probably thinking right now, "OK. But how does a good product demo video look like?"

Well, there is no fixed formula for it. However, there are several ingredients to include to create a recipe for success! 

These are: 

  1. Showcase your product via screen recordings

  2. Tell a story.

  3. Brand the video

Lets cook! 

1. Showcase your product via screen recordings

  • Create a video with screencast software such as QuickTime or Camtasia. Camtasia also provides basic editing features so that you can make your product demo attractive to watch.

  • Make sure your demo is no longer than 15 minutes. A demo video needs to convince people to register for a free trial. You can let them discover the details there.

  • Provide the video with a nice voice-over and explain clearly what the viewer is seeing on screen. Use SFX (sound effects) to immerse the viewer into your video. This can be subtle noises as mouse clicks, keyboard typing or whooshes for motion. Apply VFX (visual effects) to make certain content stand out. Such as banners, lower thirds and titles. 

2. Storytelling

This sounds like an open door but is extremely important: It will be humans that watch your video. Humans like stories! 

  • Create a fictitious business account so people can identify how your product would work for them. Make it as specific as possible, with a real character. It engages their imagination! 

3. Brand your video

When your video is done, it is important to brand it as your own.

  • You can either put your logo in one of the corners of your video (put opacity on 80%) or add an intro and outro. This helps to engage your audience, prepare them for the content they will see.

  • In the first few seconds of a video it is evaluated by the viewer if it will be watched or not. So grab the attention, creating a banging intro that keeps them from clicking away. This is really important! 

  • You can create an outro with just your logo or a call to action. It’s always nice to animate your logo a little bit. 

The final part.. 

Bring your brand new product demo video under the attention of the public! You can make a short promotional video or a blog (like this one ;-) in which you convince the audience to watch your product demo. Convince them to block those 10 minutes and it will change their life.

Besides video, webinars are GREAT for product demo's! You can learn more about how to use webinars as a product demo [here]. 

Now, we would love to hear what you think about our new product demo! let us know in the chat!

The WebinarGeek Product Demo

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