LearnMarketing17 smart ways to repurpose your live content

Your live webinar is far too valuable to broadcast only once. You can do so much more with it! Lacking inspiration or always looking for new ideas? Get the most out of your live content with these 17 tips on how and why to repurpose it. 

1. Send the replay to non-viewers 

Every live webinar is automatically recorded. It sometimes happens that someone registers, but still misses the webinar. In that case, you can easily share the replay with your non-viewers. The replay is the same as your live webinar. Those who missed the live webinar can then still watch the replay afterward. 

2. Send the recording to attendees 

During your webinar, you probably share a lot of information. Also for those who attended your webinar live, it is nice if they receive the replay later. That way they look up information later on or look back at a part they missed. 

3. Repurpose your live content as an automated webinar 

Did you host a great live webinar? Repurpose the recording as an automated webinar! By broadcasting a webinar at a specific time and date you create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) which makes people more likely to sign up and watch live. 

4. Repurpose your live content as an on demand webinar

You can also repurpose the recording of your live webinar as an on demand webinar. An on demand webinar can be watched immediately after registration. Basically like an episode on a streaming service. The viewer decides when they have time to watch the webinar. Your live webinar is easily converted to on demand and is exactly the same as it was live. With the question box, you give attendees the chance to ask questions, which are then forwarded to your email. 

5. Repurposing content gives you free time  

A webinar that you host more often doesn't have to be presented live every time. Use the replay of your webinar that you hosted earlier and broadcast it as if it is live with an automated webinar. Repurposing your webinar saves you a lot of time. Especially if you've hosted it live multiple times before, you'll find that your story is perfect to the last detail. You'll have plenty of good live content to reuse. 

6. Moderate your own webinar 

When you repurpose the perfect replay of your live webinar as an automated webinar, you'll have plenty of time to answer all the questions in the chat. You can moderate your own webinar while your audience watches you present the webinar. Want more commotion in the chat? Play the public chat from the live webinar you hosted before with the simulated chat feature. 

7. Give your target audience a chance to watch more often

Repurpose the live content of your webinar and set a broadcast schedule. Your automated webinars run completely automatically and you can easily schedule several days. This way you give your target audience the chance to watch your webinar more often, without it costing you any time. 

8. Reach a larger group

As mentioned earlier, you can repurpose your live content by offering it more often as an automated webinar or by converting it to an on demand webinar. By offering your webinar more often, you will reach a larger audience. Interested parties have more time to find a slot in their schedule to watch your webinar. 

9. Show short clips from your live webinar on social media 

Get creative with video editing software and cut a short clip from the recording of your live webinar. Then share that clip on your social channels. Because the target audience knows what to expect, you'll attract more viewers to your next webinar. You repurpose your live content to bring in even more viewers! Don't forget to share the registration link right away. 

10. Bring in leads automatically 

Link your favorite marketing integrations with WebinarGeek and optimize your funnel. Repurpose your live webinar and offer it as an automated or on demand webinar. The statistics give you valuable insight into who has watched and for how long. Tailor your mailings to this. You automatically collect new leads and expand your network by repurposing your live content! 

11. Repurposing does not cause anxiety 

Hosting a live webinar can be quite exciting. You want to do your best every time, but maybe you're not at your best every day. Simply repurpose the previous webinar and broadcast it as if it were live with an automated webinar. You have no stress and can sit back and relax. Optionally, you can give a live webinar without viewers and repurpose this replay, if you make a mistake, just cut it out. You can upload the recording later on in just a few clicks with the video upload function. 

12. Keep sharing knowledge effortlessly

By repurposing the content from your previously hosted live webinar, you continue to share your knowledge without having to go live each time. You can offer the webinar as an automated or on demand webinar and continue to share information in a completely automated way. So if you offer training, that means your viewers can learn completely at their own pace. 

13. Make money while sleeping 

Have you ever thought about paid webinars? It's not a bad idea at all to charge for the knowledge you share. You only have to give a live webinar once and then you can repurpose the training as an automated or on demand webinar. Thanks to the chat and question box you can still answer the questions of course participants, but it takes little effort. That is easily earned! 

14. Automate product demonstrations 

Are you selling a great product and want to show everyone how it works? That's perfectly possible with a webinar. The nice thing about a webinar is that you can see who is watching and for how long. This allows you to have more of an insight into who is most interested. Handy to tailor your follow-up to that. The best thing is that you only have to record the content once, after which it can be repurposed.  

15. Onboard new colleagues 

Hosting a webinar is ideal if you want to onboard new colleagues. It is a personal way to showcase your organization without taking much time. You record a live webinar and keep repurposing the content to welcome new colleagues and show them all about their new workplace. 

16. No unexpected events 

Once you have a good recording, this is ideal to repurpose the live content as an automated webinar (or maybe even on demand). You just let the recording run as an automated or on demand webinar and don't have to be afraid you run into any unexpected events. Even if your internet connection suddenly goes down, the webinar will still continue. 

17. Build a loyal group of attendees 

If you host a live webinar once, you can't immediately expect to attract an audience. Experience shows that webinars become more successful the more often they are given, even if you don't host it live every time. Your viewers know when there is a webinar and get the opportunity to attend more often if you repurpose the live content as an automated or on demand webinar. 

Get the most out of your live content

So plenty of reasons and options on how to repurpose your live content! You have put a lot of effort into your live webinar. It's a shame to use it only once. Give your organization a face, get new leads completely automated, and let your audience grow by simply repurposing your live content! 

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