LearnMarketingCreate a successful registration page
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The registration page is where people visit to register for your webinar – that's really the only purpose of this page. When we’d be talking in marketing terminology, we’d say: ’The banana should be obvious!’ For example, an eye-catching button, that shouts: ‘Please, click me!’


But how does that work, creating a high-converting registration page? You start with a catchy title! The title should clarify immediately what the webinar will be about. It should put the attendee in ‘action-mode’. Next, a short description with the webinar content is displayed. You might want to add some interesting bullet points covering the benefits of the webinar. This information should answer the question: ‘What will I learn during this webinar?’


Make sure your page is personalized, add a biography about the presenter, including a good picture. Or create a short video message where you invite visitors for the webinar.


And of course: A clear call to action, the large colored button the visitor uses to register. Don’t ask the visitor to add too much personal data. 


Also make sure your registration page always will be ‘social proof’. This means you should make it easy for your page visitors to share the registration page on their social media channels. This increases your chances to grow your audience!


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