The added value of educating industry professionals with webinars

Sporecyte provides AI-powered technology for indoor air-quality inspections. Their sample collection and testing is revolutionizing the industry for the better and webinars play a critical role in doing so.

Director of marketing, Troy Bankhead, reveals,webinars have proven to be an extremely effective way to do what we need to the most, which is to educate [home inspectors], dispel myths, help with mold testing on site, interpreting the reports, and using the technology itself.”

Webinars have proven to be an effective way to educate and dispel myths.

Exceeding Expectations 

Sporecyte regularly hosts webinars and so far each one has been very successful. Especially when comparing the statistics to industry standards.

Their webinars are primarily long-tail content and Troy was pleased to discover a higher than expected percentage of viewers actually watch the entire broadcast. 

Troy elaborates, ''attendance has been extremely high. Not just the registrations after sending out the invitation, but the number of people who stay for the entire webinars as well.'' 

Even better, their webinars continue to convert prospects to customers, which wasn’t originally the primary objective of their broadcasts to begin with. Considering their broadcasts are of a longer duration and the focus is primarily on using their technology effectively, this brings significant added value to their webinars.

So far, we've gotten several conversions directly from the webinar, which was beyond our expectations. And so we are very happy with the results.

Interacting with viewers 

During their live webinars, Sporecyte deploys quite a bit of interaction with viewers. With longer content, keeping viewers engaged is imperative. Polls are one of their favorite features and they use it every webinar. It’s a win-win, Sporecyte collects data for further segmentation and viewers remain active participants. 

Polls are a great way to get feedback from users.

The public live chat is also widely used. While viewers ask questions in the public chat, a moderator collects and filters which ones to forward to the presenters. Troy explains, "[the presenters] then only have to respond to the questions that are selected.”' 

Why WebinarGeek? 

So why did Sporecyte pick WebinarGeek as their platform of choice? Troy reveals, “Actually it was your whole workflow. I've dealt with several webinar softwares and the interface and the way that WebinarGeek handles the creation, testing, and execution are really good.” 

Of course, the one question that always burns on our lips has to be asked: what is your favorite feature? 

For Troy, one isn’t enough, the benefits that really stand out include WebinarGeek’s integrations, interface, and dedicated testing feature. The direct integration with HubSpot is essential to their team as they run the process from registration to follow-up through the integration.

What I absolutely love about your system is the whole preparatory UI, the interface, and the way that you enable users to first of all create, but then customize and test.

The dry-run feature to practice and test their webinars has proven to be especially indispensable when they co-host a webinar with external presenters. By testing, the presenters already have the opportunity to learn functionalities and the interface. ''That has a huge impact on the entertainment aspect of the webinar when we actually go live.''

Recipe for Success 

With Troy’s expertise in preparing webinars for success, we had to ask for his #1 tip:

“Do the dry runs! Who manages the presentation? Who does the handoffs? How you work the chat and the questions. All those little details are the things that really do make a difference in how smoothly it runs.

Our M.O. is to do a dry run several days before. And then we always log-in 20 to 30 minutes before, just for the last minute details. Get everyone ready before we hit the live button.”

A big thank you to Troy Bankhead and Sporecyte! Interested in the work that they do? Check it out at

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