Zapier + WebinarGeek

Connect WebinarGeek with more than a 2000 tools.

Connect WebinarGeek with more than a 2000 tools

Zapier gives you the possibility to connect WebinarGeek to more than a 2000 other tools. CRM Systems, mailing systems, or to services like Gmail and Google Spreadsheets. There is a small chance your tool isn’t in here.

Triggers based on viewers and registration behavior

Send information from WebinarGeek to other tools based on viewers or registration behavior. All information we collect is available.

Register someone based on external triggers

Want to register someone for your webinar based on an activity in a different tool? Think about emails, spreadsheets or mailing lists. Organize the registration process the way you like.

Start with a few Zaps right away

Work with the tools you already use

Discover the added value of our integration with Zapier.

Synchronize with ActiveCampaign for powerful automations.

Measure your conversion easily with LinkedIn Insight Tag.

Synchronize with MailBlue for powerful automation.

Start triggers based on viewing behavior and put contacts on your mailings.