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Pipedrive + WebinarGeek

All webinar activities of your contacts in one spot with Pipedrive.

Syncing information
All contacts in your pipeline

Automatically send registrations through your sales pipeline. You can tag registrations according to a specific phase. Follow up on the leads you generate from your webinars.

Set up triggers

Create triggers on account level or per webinar. With WebinarGeek you can use the following triggers; new registration, new viewer, new payment, or no-show. Then create an action in Pipedrive, such as a new deal or a new contact.

Webinar statistics
Get the most out of your webinars

Get more insight into your sales process. All you have to do is check your progress, execute follow-up steps and optimize your webinar. This way you get the most out of your online event!

Work with the tools you already use

Discover the added value of our integration with Pipedrive.