ActiveCampaign + WebinarGeek

Synchronize with ActiveCampaign for powerful automation.

Syncing information
WebinarGeek information in ActiveCampaign

After each registration for your webinar we automatically synchronize the unique viewing link and the webinar data with ActiveCampaign, to give you a complete overview and to start automations based on this information.

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Send your own confirmation- and reminder emails

Through the smart synchronization of data between WebinarGeek and ActiveCampaign you can send the registration - and reminder emails yourself with ActiveCampaign. In your own branding, in your own system.

Syncing information
Segment based on viewing behavior

Give your viewers and non-viewers different tags so you can segment your contacts in ActiveCampaign. Send a follow-up mail to your non-viewers? It’s a breeze with this integration!

Popular use cases

Use triggers and events to get the most out of your webinars. Here are some helpful use cases.

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Automated follow-up sequences

Triggers an automated follow-up sequence in ActiveCampaign. Sends subscribers and attendees relevant information, reminders, or additional resources leading up to the webinar.

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Syncing attendee data with CRM

Ensure that all subscribers and attendees are synced with ActiveCampaign. Provide your sales and marketing team with a view of each contact's engagement history, webinar attendance, and interactions.

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Segmentation based on engagement

Based on attendees' interactions during the webinar ActiveCampaign can segment them into different lists or tags.

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Lead scoring and nurturing

Integrate webinar attendance data with ActiveCampaign's lead scoring system. Attendees who actively participate or demonstrate high engagement during the webinar can be assigned higher lead scores.

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