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Menne Kees Dijkstra of the Martini Hospital in Groningen is very pleased with the use of webinars. Thanks to webinars (and WebinarGeek) they stay in touch with employees, patients and general practitioners.
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Why do you use webinars?

Webinars are a fantastic tool of communicating easily and in a controlled manner with different target groups. The Martini Hospital not only uses webinars to keep in touch with its own employees (with a Pub quiz, for example). They also ensure that they can inform large groups of patients about any matters that concern them.

A nice side effect is that more questions are asked during webinars than during physical meetings. This is sometimes due to the anonymity of the participant, but also because the threshold for chatting is lower than raising your finger in a full room.

In addition, the Martini Hospital also uses webinars for the (re)training of general practitioners. They use the quiz options to test the knowledge of their colleagues and GPs. This group can follow a webinar remotely, test the knowledge and earn accreditation points. Without leaving their house.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

Choosing WebinarGeek was an easy one. Presenters and participants do not need to install anything on their computer to present or view a webinar. Doctors can even watch a webinar very easily on their phone. It's also nice that it is technically fairly easy to understand, so that even less technical colleagues can find their way in WebinarGeek.

Finally, the poll and quiz functionalities are a nice extra to test the knowledge of the participants.

What is your most successful webinar?

The most successful webinar is the 'Flitsende nieuwe dokters (translated: Flashing New Doctors)' webinar. With this webinar, they were able to get the most out of WebinarGeek, and that with a large audience. Polls, video injection, multiple presenters and a beautiful studio made for a successful webinar. In which knowledge was shared from different facets of the care spectrum.

What is your most favorite WebinarGeek feature?

"WebinarGeek is fantastic because it is complete. From A to Z. From registration page to confirmation email. Everything is there." said Menne Kees. New features are used for every webinar, making it difficult to say which is the most favorite WebinarGeek feature. It's just complete!

What is your most important tip for someone who wants to start with webinars?

Keep it simple and make a script. Make sure you chat with the audience and encourage them to use the interactions. Even try to provoke it a bit, then participants really feel that they are part of a larger whole.

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