Discover why webinars are instrumental to hospital management and healthcare

Menne Kees Dijkstra of Martini Hospital, reveals the wide variety of solutions their webinars provide for both patients and practitioners.

Martini Ziekenhuis

Why do you use webinars?

Webinars are a fantastic tool for communicating effectively and in a controlled manner with different target groups. The Martini Hospital not only uses webinars to train their staff but also to keep patients informed on a large scale.

A particularly helpful benefit is that more questions are asked by attendees during webinars than during physical meetings. This is sometimes due to the anonymity of the participant, but also because the threshold for chatting is lower than raising your hand in a full room.

In addition, the Martini Hospital also uses webinars for internal training and continuing education for their GPs. They take full advantage of the quiz feature to test the knowledge of their staff. Practitioners can complete their training and receive credit even from the convenience of their own home.

Why did you choose WebinarGeek?

WebinarGeek was an easy choice. Presenters and participants do not need to install anything on their computer to present or view a webinar. Doctors can even watch a webinar very easily on their phone. It's also nice that it is easy to understand, so that even less technical colleagues can find their way in WebinarGeek.

What is your most successful webinar?

During our most successful webinar, we were able to easily get the most out of WebinarGeek while also seamlessly scaling to a large audience. Polls, video injections, multiple presenters and a beautiful studio made for a successful webinar.

What is your most favorite WebinarGeek feature?

"WebinarGeek is fantastic because it is complete. From A to Z. From registration page to confirmation email. Everything is there." said Menne Kees. New features are used for every webinar, making it difficult to say which is the most favorite WebinarGeek feature!

What is your most important tip for someone who wants to start with webinars?

Keep it simple and make a script. Make sure you chat with the audience and encourage them to use the interactions. Even try to provoke it a bit, then participants really feel that they are part of a larger whole.

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