Interaction tools

Engage viewers with different interaction tools. Use the live chat, polls, or quiz option to get the most out of your webinar.

Direct interaction with your audience

Communicate directly with your viewers during the webinar by using the live chat or chatbox option.

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Collect data from various interaction tools, such as polls and quizzes

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Use the interaction tools to create an interactive webinar where people remain fascinated

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Create an real-time, live event where you really get to know your target audience

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A question with good and wrong answers


The quiz option is similar to the poll option, only here you can indicate in advance which answer is right and wrong and you can see the answers afterward. In addition, link the quiz to the assessment module and indicate how many answers the viewer must have correctly. This makes the quiz option suitable for education or training purposes.

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Use different call to actions during your webinar. You can, for example, request more information or to register for the next webinar. With WebinarGeek you have the possibility to create and deploy different types of calls to action during your live, automated or on-demand webinar.

co-host in live webinar


Host your webinar together with someone else. The co-presenter can log in and participate in the webinar from another location. Share expertise with your viewers by allowing others from your field to participate.

Build real customer relationships with webinars

Follow up with your viewers to get the engagement ongoing even after the webinar

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