Facebook Pixel + WebinarGeek

Measure your conversion easily with Facebook Pixel.

Measure the conversion of your ads

Are you using Facebook ads to promote your webinars? With only one click you install Facebook Pixel and we take care of the rest. The conversion of the registrations will be automatically measured by Facebook.

No technical knowledge required

You only have to add the ID of your Facebook Pixel. . On every page your viewers will visit. For instance the registration page, watch page or even when paying.

Registration, viewing behavior and payments

If someone registers for your webinar via a Facebook ad, we track it as a conversion. Also attending or payments for the webinar will be tracked.

Work with the tools you already use

Discover the added value of our integration with Facebook Pixel.

Synchronize with MailBlue for powerful automation.

Start triggers based on viewing behavior and put contacts on your mailings.

Synchronize with ActiveCampaign for powerful automations.

Measure your conversion easily with LinkedIn Insight Tag.