Communicate remotely via webinars to let your event continue!

10 March 2020 - 2 min

The COVID-19 epidemic forces companies and organizations to think differently. The contact moments must be kept as minimal as possible to guarantee everyone's health. Offices are closed, and events can no longer take place on location. But that does not mean your event must be canceled.

Think of a workshop, presentation, seminar, internal and external communication and school lessons. The solution for this is a webinar.

We are delighted to help companies and organizations with this by organizing their live event online as quickly as possible via a webinar. In this way, you don't have to cancel the event and everything resumes as planned.

Online classroom for the teachers and students.

To undoubtedly keep students and employees healthy, schools around the world are closing their doors. Through a webinar, the lesson can continue as usual. In this way, you keep students busy and prevent a backlog. The teachers can hold a webinar in absolute safety from their own homes.

Students can instantly communicate with the teacher through the chat. The teachers have the option to upload a presentation and a video to share during the lessons. And don't forget the poll function to ask for example test questions. The students won’t miss anything!

The teachers can keep an attendance registration. Through the unique watch link, the teacher can see thereafter in the 'Statistics' who has watched the webinar and for how long. In addition, the teacher can find all the results of the interactions.

Host your offline events online!

Many companies are considering canceling their event due to concerns about the COVID-19. But that does not mean it actually has to be canceled. You can contain your event online through a webinar.

You have the option to import the attendees via a .CSV file. And send an automatic confirmation with their unique watch link. It also saves many costs for you as an organizer as well as for your attendees.

Hereby I hear you think that software is becoming more advanced or that you have an untechnical target group. But that is the magic of webinars via WebinarGeek. With one click in the mail, they can watch the webinar through their phone, tablet or computer. This makes it even more accessible for every attendee.

Business continues as normal

Webinars are currently widely used in businesses. But due to the COVID-19, we definitely observe an upward trend. Because our platform is so easily accessible, everyone can organize and host a webinar from home. It’s even possible to host a webinar from different three locations with a co-presenter option.

In addition to internal communication such as updates in a company or information sessions, seminars can also be held online. This way internal and external communication do not have to stop.

What is the most effortless way to start with webinars?

By creating a free trial account. This is packed with features and without obligations.

For a prompt start, we have help videos online about how to create your first webinar. In addition, you will discover everything about all the features that we have in the documentation.

If you get stuck, you can always send us a message in the live chat.