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I like the most that I am able to automise the Software. People are able to register and watch, while I am busy doing other things.

by Emma V. (Verified Capterra review)

Stream in real time as if it’s live

An automated webinar is a webinar that is broadcasted as if it is live. Plan a webinar the way you want and prepare without the stress of presenting it live.

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Hosting webinars at ease

Hosting webinars is possible even off working hours.

Broadcast webinars at ease when you don’t have a suitable internet connection.

Host webinars even when you don’t want to present at that time.

Make it work for you

Save time by creating an automatic event for your webinars the way you want it.

Event automation

With automated webinars, you can prepare and fine-tune your presentation in advance. Indicate when the automated webinar will be broadcasted and have full insight into all the statistics that are collected during registration and the webinar itself.

Focus on the viewers

You can give your undivided attention to the viewer. Answer the viewers directly in the live chat or use the other interaction tools.

Other features

Webinar channel

Make all your webinars accessible in an overview.

On demand webinars

Make your recording available 24/7.

Live webinars

Realtime interactive online presentations in HD+ quality.

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