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What is an on demand webinar?

A pre-recorded webinar that viewers can watch at their convenience.


Use polls, quizzes, calls to action, or announcements to host a dynamic online event.

Accept questions

Viewers' questions or comments can be forwarded to your preferred email address.


Your webinar collects and tracks viewer data for you. Download data or integrate it with our CRM.

Custom watch period

Make your on demand webinars available right away or specify a limited availability.

On-demand webinars packed with features

Scale your webinars with ease

  • Branding

    Wrap your webinars entirely in your own brand identity. Say goodbye to software logos.

  • Unlimited webinars

    Host as many webinars as you want. No limits to the number of webinars you can host.

  • Browser-based

    Organizers and viewers do not need to download any software or install anything.

  • Watch from mobile

    Viewers can watch from any mobile, tablet, or desktop device with browser access.

  • Create in seconds

    Repurpose your live webinar recording as an on demand webinar in just 2 clicks.

  • Webinar channel

    Feature on demand versions of all your past webinars on your own custom channel.

  • Chapters

    Segment your on demand webinar into chapters organized by topic.

  • Limited viewing time

    Prevent multiple people from watching your webinar with a single registration.

  • Webinar series

    Allow registration for multiple on demand webinars on the same registration page.

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