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Illustration product update March 2020

Without new leads, any business will fail. Leads are potential customers and ambassadors of your brand or product. Lead generation is a must for any business to keep growing.

What does your potential customer want? As soon as you can answer that question with webinars, you will consistently collect leads. Increasing the number of leads will become even easier when you have the right tools to achieve this.

At WebinarGeek, we have thought carefully about how you can "permanently" generate more leads. For this, we have developed the webinar channel.

What is the webinar channel?

The webinar channel is a page that displays all your webinars at a glance. You can share this page or easily embed it on your own website. Every webinar on your channel is visible to the visitors of your page. Visitors of this page can register for upcoming or on-demand webinars and stay informed as soon as you publish a new webinar.

In this article, we explain how you can use the webinar channel to collect more leads with on-demand webinars.

Why the webinar channel?

According to all major marketers in 2020, webinars are the way to address your target group in a relatively cheap way and to collect more leads. This is because you ask for a visitor's e-mail in a very accessible way by having them register for your webinar.

According to a HubSpot survey, 52% of marketers believe that hosting webinars is the most effective way to generate targeted leads. Especially when you can link participants directly to a page where they can register.

The biggest challenge is to encourage viewers to register for your webinar. By linking the registration directly from your own website, you improve the registration process. Visitors who visit your website are most likely already interested in the content you offer.

By using the channel you can directly share a page with all webinars. In this way, visitors have an immediate overview of the webinar content that is offered, without leaving the website.

On-Demand webinars and the Channel

On-demand webinars are a great way to keep generating leads continuously. With the on-demand webinar, you set up your webinar once and can keep offering it.

Easily share your webinar content and let your audience watch the webinar at any time. Generate leads in an accessible way and earn money by sharing your knowledge. And all this automatically, without costing you valuable time.

The webinar channel ensures that your content does not disappear in the background. Your content is permanently visible to visitors to your website or your channel page. Moreover, you can also offer your webinars for a fee.

How do you set up a channel?

In the main menu, you can choose ‘Channel’. You will now be taken to the channel page. When you do this for the first time, you choose “create your own channel” here. Then you can add the title of the page and a description. You can adjust this later. Then decide if you want people to be able to subscribe to your channel. The channel leads can then receive updates about new webinars.

Publish your channel by clicking publish. All active webinars are added to your channel.

  1. Go to your webinar dashboard and click on “Channel” in the main menu and then on “Create your own channel”.

  2. Set your page title and description. For example, you can think of the name of your company and a general description of your company.

  3. Select the correct language in which you are going to create the channel.

  4. For the latter option, you can also give attendees the option to sign up for your latest webinar updates. This allows you to generate a list of leads from your channel! If you prefer not to have this, you can of course also switch it off.

  5. If you want to adjust the logo to your own logo, you can upload it at account level.

  6. Publish your webinar channel. All active webinars are added to this. It is of course also possible to exclude your webinars from your channel.

  7. If your channel is published, you will find the URL to your channel at the top of your screen. This can now be reached directly by anyone who has this URL. Visitors can now register for your webinars.

Tip: With the channel embed you can easily place the channel on your own website with a piece of HTML code.

Advantages of the Webinar Channel

  • All your future webinars can be found in one, clear overview.

  • Your on-demand webinars are always findable and available to visitors to your channel and/or website.

  • You always generate leads in the background.

  • Visitors can register for channel updates.

  • You can easily inform your leads of new webinars.

  • Fully optimized for Google.

  • With on-demand webinars, you keep generating leads on autopilot, without taking time or effort.

In short, your channel is a gathering place for all your on-demand and future webinars. As a result, your content does not disappear into the background and you continue to reuse valuable content. Ideal for collecting leads!

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