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You probably schedule your marketing efforts at a certain time that is convenient. Anno 2021 you’re probably thinking about the algorithm and when the activities will have the most impact. There may be hours of research involved and you’ve already tried all sorts of things. Why not do that with a webinar? There are times when it's best to host a webinar. In this blog, you'll learn more about the best time to host a webinar, and of course, which time is not.

Adjust the best time to host a webinar to your target audience

You host a webinar for a reason and with a purpose. Those goals vary by industry or even within your organization. Internal webinars take place at a different time than webinars that you host for your external audience. The most important thing to consider when choosing the best time for your webinar is when your target audience is available.

But how do you find out when your target audience has time for your webinar? Assuming you know who you're dealing with, you can empathize. What kind of people are they? Do they work during the day or in the evening? And what day is most convenient for them to watch your webinar?

Empathizing with your target audience helps you to choose the best time for your webinar. Whether your business focuses on B2B or B2C makes a difference. With B2B the best time is during the day, if you are targeting B2C then it is better to host your webinar in the evening. Always keep in mind that, in the business market, the time between 12:00 and 13:00 is lunchtime. Not the best time to host your webinar.

In our experience, the better days to host a webinar are Tuesdays and Thursdays. People just love the weekend, so that's where their thoughts are on Friday. On Monday they prepare for the week ahead and on Wednesday many people have their day off.

Create the best time to host your webinar

In addition to choosing the best time, you can also create a good time to host your webinar. Think about a campaign you are launching or a new product you are releasing. You host a webinar for a reason, but choosing the best time to start hosting webinars can be difficult. Host a webinar as the start of your new campaign. You not only have a good reason to host a webinar, but you also ensure that your campaign gets off to a flying start. You make it personal for potential customers and leads, easily measure how successful it was after the webinar and bring them in with the follow-up.

When you decide to make the best time yourself, do keep in mind what was stated earlier. The best time for you does not have to be the best time for your target audience. The day and time for your webinar is still something you choose with your target audience in mind.

Choose the best time to host your webinar based on current events

You can also choose the best time for your webinar based on current events. Think of an event or something else that is in the news a lot. You can then link up with that. Imagine you have a company that sells electronics. The beginning of the corona crisis was a good time to host a webinar about how to set up a home office. During the webinar, you can promote your own products right away.

Holidays are also great times to host webinars. Are you hosting a paid webinar during the Christmas season? Then that is the best time to give your participants a webinar as a gift. Create a discount code and send it to your loyal customers. Giving something back at the end of the year makes your customers' engagement stronger. If you're hosting a webinar around the holidays, keep in mind that it isn’t at the same time as other events. For example, a webinar around Christmas is not convenient on Christmas Day itself, when people have other things planned.

Another example of creating a moment for your webinar is our own Summer Breeze festival! An online event to end the summer, so you'll be inspired to host webinars after your holidays. Of course, you can view the replay! You can find all the webinars of the day on our channel.

What not to forget when choosing the best time for your webinar

You have chosen a time to host your webinar. It's important that you still give participants a chance to register for your webinar. It is best to announce your webinar at least two weeks in advance. That way people still have time to register and you still have time to promote your webinar!

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