Get Inspired to Start with Webinars

3 July 2020 - 3 min

Our very own CTO Remy Gardien had the opportunity to share his webinar knowledge in Napier’s The Marketing B2B Technology Podcast.

In this podcast, he discusses subjects as webinar experience, the live span of webinars, and tips on how to start with your own webinar. We have written down a few key points that have been discussed during the podcast and we have listed the podcast at the end of this blog so you can listen to it yourself to get inspired.

Question time

Answering questions during your webinar can sometimes lead away from the subject you are trying to bring across. Some viewers may ask questions that are very much tailored to their personal situation. When you go too far into detail with personal questions during the webinar you risk losing the interest and focus of the other attendees of your webinar.

Instead of answering questions during your presentation, answer the questions at the end during a short Q&A session. This way, you have told the audience what you wanted to tell them and you do not risk people signing off during your presentation.

Don’t be afraid to follow up on the more specific questions after the webinar to have a more tailored conversation about your viewer’s specific needs and questions.

More or fewer viewers

The more viewers you have in your webinar, the more people you can reach. But with fewer viewers, you can have a more personal connection with your audience during the webinar. For example, you can answer more questions and have more time for the individual viewer.

At WebinarGeek we see the sweet spot around 50 to 100 viewers per webinar. But of course, there’s no real right or wrong answer here.

Practice, practice, practice

An effective story comes from good preparation. As with anything you will get better with practice. It might be really weird, or maybe even a little uncomfortable to speak in front of a camera with no audience. It will take some practice to overcome this initial feeling but the more you do it, the more comfortable you are. And the more comfortable you are the better your webinar will be.

Want to hear more tips from Remy? Press the button below to go directly to the podcast.

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