LearnWebinarsThank you Healthcare!
Doctors and heart

After a bizarre few years, it looks like the peak of the corona crisis is behind us. A great time to reflect on the hardworking people who got us through the pandemic. Day and night, the people who work in healthcare were (and still are) there for us. 

Where many of us worried about whether they could still make ends meet and looked for other solutions to get it done, day in and day out, caregivers were busy helping and caring for others. And we shouldn't forget that. At WebinarGeek we express our gratitude to everyone who works in the Healthcare industry. Nurses, doctors, physicians and anyone who has fought: thank you! 

Webinars have become way more popular in the Healthcare industry. We see that they are mostly used for education and internal communication. Studio settings were created in no time and look very professional. Webinars are being used to make communication more personal. Thanks to the chat function, polls, and quizzes, there is continuous interaction with the target group. It is a beautiful and smart way to share information. 

We are very proud that Healthcare institutions have chosen our software to conduct webinars in recent years. We hope to support many other institutions with our software in the future, to share information and knowledge with each other.

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