Manage Remote Teams with Webinars

19 March 2020 - 2 min

Working from home can be achieved quite easily. Given your company has already adopted a digital way of working. But managing teams when working from home is a whole other ball game. It’s a challenge to keep everyone engaged and in line with each other.

Managing your colleagues remotely requires you to stay disciplined and to think creatively. Of course, you also need to have access to the right tools. Tools like video-conferencing, chat software and of course webinar software.

A webinar might not be the first tool that comes to mind when you think of working from home. But it’s a great tool for managing your teams and sending your message out to your colleagues.

Let me begin by saying that a webinar is not a meeting tool. Your colleagues can of course reply or react by chatting with you in either the public or private chat. But they cannot use their microphone to speak, nor can you see them as you would with an actual video-conferencing tool. But that’s okay!

A webinar’s power lies in the managing part. With a webinar, you can update your team with important information or show them the monthly numbers. You can even broadcast online seminars or education sessions. Webinars are perfect for one-to-many communication.

Setting up a webinar for your team is really easy. We even have a couple of videos that show you how.

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