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At WebinarGeek we like to make hosting webinars as simple as possible. This way you can fully focus on your presentation and your audience.

Especially for you we have developed 3 updates that enable you to host smarter webinars;

  • Google Tag Manager integration

  • Payment Triggers

  • More Presenters in your Webinars

These features are immediately active in your account. Below you can read more about the application possibilities for these 3 new product updates from WebinarGeek.

Google tag manager integration

The Google Tag Manager is a simple and easy tag management solution. You can keep and manage all your tags in one place, so that you keep an overview. You activate the Google Tag Manager on the interaction page in your WebinarGeek account.

Well-known examples of Google Tags are Google Analytics and AdWords. By activating tags, you can easily measure conversions such as how many people are watching your webinar and whether people are paying.

You can measure conversions by creating "tags" and "triggers" in Google Tag Manager.
View the full step-by-step plan for installing your Google Tag Manager here.

After you create your account on tagmanager.google.com, you can create several tags:

The tags offer you the following smart options in WebinarGeek:

Registration page

Use the URL of the registration page to measure visitors to this page. Based on this data, you can determine if your page is effective - register visitors or not. With this data you can optimize your content. Think of uploading a video or by using banners that show the benefits you offer this target group so that visitors are triggered to register for your webinar.

Confirmation page

The tags on the confirmation page provide insight into your registrations and whether they are successful.
If the text "/ subscscribe /" is in the URL, a user has successfully registered for your webinar.

View pages

With the tags on the watch pages you can measure how many viewers you have in your webinar: if the text "/ watch /" is in the URL, a user has visited the page to watch your webinar.

Payment pages

Tags on your payment pages provide insight into completed payments: if the URL contains the text "payment_successful", the user has completed a payment for your webinar.

More presenters in your webinar

At WebinarGeek we love presenters; they are a crucial part of a webinar. No story or knowledge to share without a presenter, no inspired audience, so no webinar. So presenters are the driving force behind webinars.

And to achieve a greater impact with your webinar, we offer you more power. You can now host up to 4 presenters in the Premium plan and 6 in Advanced. You can add additional presenters on the first tab in the webinar editor.

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