Product update August 2020

3 August 2020 - 4 min

The month has only just begun, but at WebinarGeek we’ve already started rolling out new features. We have received many feature requests in the last months and have worked hard to develop these features. Curious about what the new features are? Keep reading!

Speaker Notes

With the speaker notes, you can now add keywords to your presentation slides. No more reason to forget your story. The speaker notes appear at the bottom of your slides and can only be seen by you as a presenter.

Zoom in on your presentation

In addition to the speaker notes, it is now also possible to zoom in on your presentation. This enlarges your slides and makes them easier to read when, for example, you’re working on a smaller screen.

In the side-by-side view, the camera image is reduced so that the presentation can be enlarged. This is only visible to you as a presenter. Viewers can’t see the enlarged presentation.

Direct webinar link

Now, it’s also possible for viewers to view a webinar without having to register, via the direct link. This direct link can be shared with anyone and anyone can view your webinar with this link.

You can choose to have participants register first using only the first name. This can be useful if you want to see the name of these participants in the chat. When disabled, participants will receive a randomly generated name in the chat of your webinar.

Webinar privacy

The direct webinar link is part of the new privacy settings available for all webinars. From now on you can choose the privacy settings for your webinar based on a list. You can choose from three different lists:


When you mark the webinar as public, all settings are aimed at collecting as many participants as possible for your webinar. Participants can register via the public registration page and the webinar will be displayed on your Channel. It is also possible to send participants the direct link for the webinar so that they do not have to register.


If you want a little more privacy, you can mark the webinar as unlisted. An unlisted webinar has a hidden registration page. The page is therefore not indexable by search engines.

You can invite participants by sharing the link of the registration page as usual or by sending the direct webinar link. The webinar will not be shown on your Channel.


When you mark the webinar as private, your registration page is not open for registrations. So participants cannot register themselves for your webinar. You determine who is attending the webinar by importing or registering participants. The webinar is also not shown on your Channel.

It is now also possible to register single contacts yourself. This makes it easier to import one participant without using the CSV list.

Some of the settings in the list can be adjusted under Registrations > Settings. Here you will find the advanced settings, like enabling the webinar for your Channel and limiting the number of viewers for the webinar.

Automatic video playback

During the transition from autoplay to click-to-play, the automatic playback of a video injection during your webinar was limited. Participants first had to click the play button before the video was played. As a result, some participants "returned" to the live webinar too late and missed some of the information.

With this update, we managed to get the video injection to play automatically! The video will start to play without sound and participants will receive a notification to unmute the video. With replays and on-demand webinars, it is now even possible to skip the video injection, if this is enabled.