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We are always improving our userfriendly software. Our main goal is to make everything feel as intuitive as possible. For the co-presenter feature, we still had to improve a few things.

Lucky for you, the time has come! We are proud to we present you the 'co-presenter 2.0'! New and improved for your webinar experience. This new and improved version makes presentations with two speakers in different locations even easier and more fun. You’ll now both be audible the entire time. Not one by one, nope. We’re talking about the entire broadcast, together. How cool is that?!

The main presenter decides which presenter is visible for the attendees. Switching between the two is as smooth as you’d expect from us. We do everything to give you the best webinar experience possible!

The most important changes:

  • Both speakers are audible the entire time

    Which is great! Because when you’re presenting together, you want to discuss the content with your co-presenter. This allows you to actually create the webinar together and host it as a duo. You will now have the ability to complement each other where needed.

  • Switch quickly between cameras

    Switching between cameras quickly will mean the attendees won’t notice a switch. With one click of a button you’ll easily switch to the other presenter.

  • Both speakers can manage the presentation, start interactions and talk to people in chat

    As mentioned before, the new co-presenter function allows both speakers to contribute to the presentation equally, start or end interactions and talk to people in chat. A true cooperation and a dual effort from both hosts to make the best webinar possible!

    Screenshot of presenter and co-presenter

What is co-presenting?

It’s all in the name, because co-presenting allows two people to host a webinar together. You can invite a guest speaker or a colleague from another location can support you. The truly unique thing about this feature is the fact that speakers don’t need to be physically present in the same location to host the webinar together.

Why use a co-presenter?

For example, to invite a guest speaker. An independent expert can add a lot of value to a presentation. It helps you in creating a more convincing story and enables you to get your message across. Inviting an expert in your niche will also position you as an expert, considering that person is willing to associate their name with your brand. The positive effect is the ability to reach a different target audience, which leads to more registrations and will help spread the content better.

It’s also possible to do an interview during a webinar. Because you’re both audible, you can easily do a question-and-answers session with someone. This is entertaining to watch for participants and it’s pretty easy to set up. A great way to respond to developments in your market.

I’m pretty sure you’re already thinking about who to invite for co-presenting your next webinar. And why wouldn’t you!

In our Help Center you’ll be able to find extensive information about the possibilities to invite a co-presenter for your webinar. What are your ideas about hosting a webinar together? Who will you invite as co-presenter?

Let’s webinar!

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