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Simulation of chat

A few months ago we launched a new feature for our on demand webinars, the simulated chat. This feature made it possible to repeat the questions and comments that had been sent in the chat during your live webinar in your on demand webinar. It was very useful to create more context in your webinar for the people who hadn’t yet watched the webinar. We’ve gotten so much positive feedback that now, this feature can also be used in your automated webinar.

To make this feature even better, you can manually add, import or copy chat transcripts to have complete control of the replay of your chat in an automated webinar.

Switch devices during webinar

The settings in the live webinar room provide several options such as camera and microphone selection and selection of webinar quality. These settings have been given a facelift and now have an entire new and improved interface. When opening your webinar you will automatically see the settings window. Here you can set your camera, microphone and quality. With the new interface, it is also possible to switch devices during your webinar.

Please note! This feature will be rolled out in batches. If you don’t see this feature in your webinar room just yet, don’t worry. It will get added to your account soon.

Find yourself searching for that one webinar in a list of dozens of webinars? That will no longer be an issue anymore. To improve your way of searching we have added different filter options to find exactly what you are looking for in a long list of webinars or subscribers.

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