Product update: February 2020

2 March 2020 - 3 min

A new month means time for new features. Read about the updates and new possibilities for our webinar software.

Cancel webinars

It sometimes happens that your planned webinar cannot take place. But you don't want to delete your broadcast, and rescheduling is not an option either. From now on it’s possible to cancel your broadcast.

SEO settings

It’s also possible to adjust the SEO settings of the registration page as desired. This gives you more control over how and where the registration page can be viewed on the internet. The meta title and meta description can be adjusted. You can even turn off indexing by search engines if needed.

More information about SEO settings can be found here.

Discount codes for paid webinars

Broadcasting paid webinars is becoming increasingly popular. But sometimes you want someone to participate without having to pay the full price. Fear not, we have the solution: discount codes!

With the discount code function, you can create discount codes for certain viewers or groups of viewers. This way your viewers can participate in your webinar at a reduced rate or even for free.

Payment reminder emails

We have added another feature to make the paid webinars run smoothly. From now on you can also send payment reminder emails to customers who have not yet paid for your webinar.

Expected duration

It is useful for your viewers to indicate the expected duration of your webinar. That way, viewers know exactly what to expect when they participate in your webinar. It’s now possible to set an expected duration. This duration will then be shown on the registration page. When someone registers and places the appointment on their agenda, the expected duration is automatically transferred to the calendar. Ideal!

Webinars by email domain

Would you like to give a webinar to a select group of people? This is possible by limiting registrations to certain e-mail domains. This means that people can only register with a specific e-mail address. If you want only your colleagues to be able to register, for example, then you can add the email domain of the company. 

This setting can be found under the advanced settings when creating your webinar. 

More information about restricting email domains can be found here. 

Webinars by IP address

In addition to limiting e-mail domains, it is even possible for Advanced plans to limit registrations to IP addresses. This means that people can only register if they come via a certain IP address.

Please note! This feature is only available for Advanced plans!

Watch the webinar

Do you want more information about how the new features work? Watch the replay of our Product Update Webinar, in which our webinar experts explain the update of February in detail.