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Product update: Improved streaming app for replays

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02 February 2023 - 5 min

Now that everyone has recovered from the Christmas and New Year madness, it's time to kick off the second month of 2023 with a new Product Update. Our developers did not sit still. In fact, they are carrying on big time! Here is the tip of the iceberg of what to expect next. 

The improved streaming app for replays

First, thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on the new streaming app! We're happy to receive many positive words and valuable feedback for further improvements. You already broadcast all live webinars on this revamped streaming page. Now your replays are hosted on the new streaming page. Give your attendees an even better experience when they watch or replay your webinars.

Add webinars to the calendar with one click

The most frequently sent email among webinar emails has received a nice improvement. From now on, the confirmation email includes a button that allows registrants to add the webinar to their calendars in one click. Of course, there was already a link to add that option, but this button is almost impossible to miss. That way, you can be certain that registrants won't forget about your webinar. 

Almost ready: host a webinar with 10 presenters

We're almost ready, and you? This improvement is coming very soon. Currently, it is possible to host a webinar with up to six presenters. This number will increase significantly for Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. Soon you can host your webinar with up to TEN (!!!) presenters. Get to thinking about who you're inviting for the ultimate collaboration. In the meantime, we keep building to launch this improvement as soon as possible.

Coming soon: dark mode vs. light mode 

Are discussions about setting a dark or light theme also a regular occurence in your office, or are things normal over there? Of course, we couldn't be left behind in the topic of conversation. Soon you will be able to set the streaming page in a dark or light theme. Viewers, moderators, and co-presenters can choose which mode suits best. Because in the end, that's the crux of the matter: set it how you like it. 

Save the date: Wednesday, February 15 

Do you have any burning questions after reading this blog? Ask us during the Product Update webinar on February 15. Our own CTO will explain all the new features. You'll get the most up-to-date info and have the chance to ask questions. So don't miss it. Sign up via the button below. 

Product Update February 2023
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