Product update: January 2018

31 January 2018 - 2 min

The new year started and we are already a month in. A new month means: new updates! In January, several options and features are new, while others got an overhaul. Let’s check them out in this overview.

Improved evaluation form

An improved evaluation form for after the webinar, with multiple types of questions. It’s possible to export the results of the new evaluation form to a .CSV file. Read more about it here.

Call to action statistics

When you created a call to action and inserted an external link, you can now see which attendees clicked on this link during the webinar.

Under the ‘Statistics’ section you can now analyse who exactly clicked on the call to action.

Email registrations overview

Ding! You got 15 new registrations today. You can now receive a daily overview with new registrations for your webinar. This is an easy way to check your registration count. Activate the option in your account settings.

Your own ‘Thank you’-page for embed form

Using a registration form on your own website with an embed code? You can now redirect visitors that subscribe this way to an URL of your own. For example, you’d now be able to send them to your own ‘Thank you’-page. This allows you to execute both the registration and the ‘Thank you’-page on your own website.

Other improvements

  • We adapted the user interface. The options for configuring your webinar are now easier to find.
  • It’s now possible to configure links with https:// on the sales page. SSL provides users with a sense of security.
  • It’s now possible to import CSV files using only the email and first name (in case last name has been turned off).
  • The way in which presenters connect to co-presenters has now been changed, providing better connectivity with almost no more connection issues.