Product update: January 2020

21 January 2020 - 2 min

Our first Product Update of 2020 is now live! Read the updates about the new features for our webinar software below.

Viewer questions directly in your inbox

It’s possible to send questions that were asked in private chat directly to your email. With this feature, it’s no longer needed to e.g. open an automated webinar to still be able to receive questions. Very useful for when you can’t be there during a webinar. Also great for when the host isn’t near a laptop at that moment, to read along with the chat.

Webinar results in a PDF report

Starting today, it’s possible to export a PDF report and/or specific broadcast. In this report the statistics are displayed in different tables and graphs. This makes it easier to share data with e.g. your colleagues.

These reports can be downloaded on the statistics page of the webinar.

World map with all viewer locations

Curious where your viewers are from? Thanks to the new and improved statistics this information can be requested in a heartbeat. Using a visually appealing world map, you can exactly see from which countries your viewers participated in the webinar.

Uploading and managing presentation is now easier

Managing your presentation has changed. Uploading a presentation now happens on a separate page with a well-arranged layout. You can now also adapt the order of your presentation with easy, add slides, or even delete slides. All this is now very easy to manage on a single page.

Using your own CSS

Using an Advanced package and want to edit your WebinarGeek account with your own branding? This is now possible thanks to the ability to use your own CSS code. The entire layout can be changed into your corporate identity with ease. The edited CSS will automatically be used for all webinars in your account.

Contact us when you’d like to learn more about the possibilities that come with introducing Custom CSS.

Please note: This is a beta feature that’s only available in the Advanced package.