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It's that time again: new features have been added! Our team is hard at work improving your webinar experience. There are some pretty big updates coming soon. Read here what's been added so far and a small glimpse of what you can expect.

Stripe for paid webinars

Good news if you have a non-European organization. Thanks to Stripe it will be possible to conduct paid webinars! Besides being usable in many countries (including the United States), it also supports 135+ currencies. Stripe has more options for payment methods compared to Mollie. This means that it makes it possible for just about anyone to host a paid webinar where payment is simply made through WebinarGeek. For now, it is still in beta. We will update you when non-European payments are also able. You can read more info in our article about the differences between Stripe and Mollie

Ps: No panic for the Mollie users, we still support that too!

Segment webinars with multiple channels

Our team is working hard to make sure you can create multiple channels. This comes in handy if you want to promote your webinars on multiple landing pages, or differentiate between live and on-demand webinars on different pages. You can even create channels for any language your website supports. So segment your different webinars easily with multiple channels. 

Curious what else is on our roadmap? You can find it in your account under Account > Product updates.  

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