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Product Update: the streaming app in your branding

Pam - WebinarGeek


12 January 2024 - 5 min

Every month, we add new features to make your webinars as successful as possible, and this month is no exception.

Host webinars with more than 10 attendees, display interaction results to viewers, personalize the streaming app in your company colors, and explore a new update to Pipedrive.

More attendees on stage

Since we launched the feature to invite a viewer on stage in October, the development team did not sit still. We previously added the option to invite a viewer to speak (without a camera), and this month we've increased the number of presenters and viewers you can invite from 10 to 16. What possibilities does this open up?

  • Host interactive workshops

  • Conduct in-depth discussions with viewers

  • Let attendees connect 

  • Hold a live Q&A

  • Invite viewers for testimonials

  • Replace meeting tools – every session is recorded for absentees

    16 viewers on stage gif

Soon we will increase the limit further. We will also add the option to bring the viewers on stage when they enter the webinar. Engage even more viewers and presenters in your webinar. It's already been added to your account. Try it out in your next webinar! 

Display interaction results 

When you conduct a poll or quiz during your live webinar, sometimes you want to discuss the results with the rest of the viewers. Previously, you could only name the results or display them immediately after someone responded.

We've further improved the feature by adding the option to share the results after the interaction ends. This gives your viewers a clear overview of how the poll or quiz was received.

  • Show quiz results during training and elaborate on incorrect questions

  • Display poll answers to initiate a discussion among attendees

  • Provide attendees with insights into how they compare to other viewers

  • Add more context to your webinar when reviewing the results

Interaction results

The streaming page in your branding

Customize your webinars even more with your branding. In addition to all other pages, you can now personalize the streaming page to match your brand identity. Choose two colors under 'Branding,' and we'll take care of the rest. Host webinars entirely in your brand identity.

  • Seamless branding across your webinar pages

  • Set a light or dark theme depending on your style, or let the viewer decide

  • Setting it up is super easy

Branding option theme colors

Add branding to the streaming app right away in your account. 

Update Pipedrive deals

There are also new improvements to the Pipedrive integration. With our latest Pipedrive trigger, you can update a deal in Pipedrive based on an event trigger. For example, this allows you to automatically move an existing deal to another stage when someone has viewed the webinar.

Soon, we'll be back on air with a new Product Update webinar. On Wednesday 17 January at 2 PM, we'll show you all the features that have recently been launched. You'll also get a unique sneak peek of new features that are in development. Sign up now!

Product Update webinar 17 January @ 2 PM
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