Product update: July 2018

27 July 2018 - 3 min

A decent number of registrations for the webinar and feedback from the audience, that’s what we all dream of! Participant feedback is the key to improving your webinars. In this product update you’ll read all about a few new tools that will help you increase conversions. So, what’s new?

Evaluation form

It’s now possible to send an evaluation form right after the webinar finished. This can be done with a follow-up email. In this way you'll not miss out on that valuable feedback! It allows you to improve your next webinar.

Limiting registrations

Creating scarcity is a powerful marketing technique to convince a visitor in doubt to register for a webinar. The fewer spots you’ll make available, the more valuable each spot becomes. It’s now possible to set several advanced registration options for your webinar. You now have the option to limit the number of registrations and to remove the confirmation email. Visitors from your registration page can see in ‘real time’ how many spots are left. Here you can read all about the steps you should follow to configure these new registration options.

Setting a standard video quality for your account

You can now set your desired standard streaming quality for your webinars in your account settings. It’s no longer required to do this manually for every webinar. 

We also improved or adjusted a few of our current features based on your feedback.

Downloadable recording "Side-by-Side" now includes camera and presentation

When you hosted your webinar 'Side-by-Side' (webcam and presentation besides each other), this will now also show up in the recording. The recorded file will now be an exact representation of the live webinar.

Switch between webcam and screen sharing without delay 

Switching between webcam and screen sharing (and the other way around) is now possible without any type of delay! Nobody needs to miss a second of the webinar anymore when switching screens.

Improved quality screen sharing

You can now increase the quality of screen sharing by using a higher resolution. The video will be even clearer for the viewers, which is our main goal! Curious what's coming up next?! Read our blog about the new chat module for improved interaction!

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