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Yep, it's time for more improvements again! With the new product update, webinarring has become even easier. Export data with a few clicks, find YouTube videos faster and download webinar replays in half the time.

CSV export

The data you collect during your webinars is extremely valuable. Each webinar's data can be exported to a CSV file. At first, this was only possible webinar by webinar. As of now, it is possible to export a CSV file of multiple webinars simultaneously. Whether it's 1 webinar or 100, you'll find everything you need in one location. In the file, you can find all the links to the webinars. Like the registration link, link to watch without registration and a link for the co-presenters. It is also possible to see right away what type of webinar it is. To export the data, click the cloud next to '+ New webinar'.

Create new webinar button in WebinarGeek

All on demand webinars are also listed with their end dates. So you can easily keep track of when each on demand webinar expires. By displaying a clear end date, you will never have to worry about an on demand webinar suddenly becoming unavailable. Perhaps the best thing: it includes insight into how frequently you host webinars!

YouTube videos on the video page

If you are hosting an automated or on demand webinar, you can use a YouTube video for that. After uploading a video link, it is ready to broadcast as a webinar via WebinarGeek. On the video page, you will find all the videos you have ever used as an automated or on demand webinar. Before, you wouldn't find your YouTube video here, which meant you had to add the YouTube URL over and over again if you wanted to reuse the webinar. Now that hassle is over. No need to stress about lost links anymore. Literally, all videos are listed on one page with a clear overview.

Faster downloads

Once your webinar ends, your replay will be available on your dashboard. You can download the replay so you can keep it forever in your own files. How long the download takes, depends on how long the webinar is. Good news! Downloads are now twice as fast!

With the new updates, your webinar experience has become even easier and faster. Of course, we will add new features soon. Tune in next month!

Oh, and just in case you’re dazzled by all the news. We will be available in the live chat section if you have any questions about the new update.

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