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Features to make webinar hosting more accessible and improvements to calendar invitations. Here are the latest updates.

Speaker names in video tiles

The names of presenters are shown in the webinar layout and replay. Add the name you want to display when you add (co-)presenters. If you don't want to show the last name, you can use something like "From Company name" as the last name at this step.

  • Clearer for participants who are speaking

  • Useful for networking

  • Easy to edit

    Speaker label

Presenting in Safari

A new browser has been added for hosting webinars. Besides Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox, you can now stream webinars from Safari.

  • More accessible for Apple users

  • The same high quality you are used to

  • All the same handy features

    Safari hosting

Increase the size of the sidebar during your webinar if your screen size allows it so that you can see more tabs in one view.

  • View your slides, chats, and video at a glance

  • Customize what you want to display

  • Features are easily accessible

    Double sidebar

Product Update Webinar

We will show you all the new features on Wednesday, July 17th at 2:00 PM during the Product Update webinar. We will also give you an exclusive sneak peek of the features we are currently developing. Sign up now.

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