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Our team hasn’t sat still over the past weeks. You might feel it coming already: it's time for another product update! Once again this month, WebinarGeek has expanded with more options to make your webinars even more successful. Read on to find out more about: 

  • Simulated chat for on demand webinars

  • Share watch link only by email

  • Zapier trigger unsubscribe from the webinar

Simulated chat for on demand webinars

Maybe you were already using the feature for your automated webinars. By popular demand, this new feature is now also available for on demand webinars: simulated chat!

A simulated chat takes place during the webinar. You add chat messages in advance which makes it seem as if real messages are being sent. In an automated webinar, this is mainly to make the viewers really feel as if it is live. People watch an on demand webinar in their own time, so they already know it is not live. Still, it can give extra dimension and context to your webinar. You add just that little bit more of a live feel to it. Furthermore, the threshold to send a message is lower when there are already other messages in the chat. Great for the viewer who is less likely to send a message. 

When someone signs up for a webinar, the link to the webinar is right on the confirmation page. This allows someone to sign up with a fake email address. Of course you can see this in the statistics. But if you want to be completely sure that someone enters their own and real email address you can just toggle on the switch to enable the option the possibility to only share the link per email. This way you secure your webinars even better.

Zapier trigger unsubscribe from webinar

You can do more and more with Zapier. The new trigger allows you to perform an action when someone unsubscribes from a webinar. Do you want to follow up with someone despite unsubscribing, for example? Or just keep track of who they are? Of course, we hope you won't need the trigger, but you never know. The trigger brings data of all participants who unsubscribe from WebinarGeek via Zapier to other tools. You can use the same information you have with the 'new registration' trigger. 

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