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At WebinarGeek, our mission has always been to empower businesses and professionals to connect, engage, and educate their audiences through the power of webinars. With this in mind, we have been working tirelessly to enhance our platform and provide you with even more tools and features to make your webinars truly remarkable. Check out what’s new!

Organize your overview: internal title for webinars

Introducing the internal titles feature that revolutionizes the way you organize your webinars. When creating or adding a webinar, this tool provides you with enhanced organizational capabilities by allowing you to assign internal titles to your webinars.

With this feature, you can easily categorize and label your webinars based on their content, theme, or presenter.

Internal title webinar

Customize your webinar dream team

Customize your webinar team members! Create seamless collaboration, effective presentation delivery, and smooth coordination throughout your webinar. It opens up a ton of possibilities, such as:

  • Making a presenter only able to share audio & video, restricted from seeing the viewer list/count or chat.

  • Enable a moderator to manage interactions.

  • Add an operator who can start & stop the webinar without the need for a webcam.

How are you going to organize the webinar team?

Custom webinar roles screenshot

Salesforce integration (beta)

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the Salesforce integration and invite you to be a part of our testing period. You now have the opportunity to try out this integration and experience its seamless functionality firsthand. To participate, simply reach out to our dedicated support staff, and they will be more than happy to set you up with a test account. We value your feedback, as it will play a crucial role in refining the integration before its public release.

Coming soon…

Next month, we will work on new layouts and chat improvements, such as the ability to quote chat messages. How exciting! Want to know more about what’s to come? Join the Product Update webinar.

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