Product update: MailChimp integration

4 November 2015 - 2 min

Starting today, the life of MailChimp users will never be the same… Or wait, I meant: starting today, your MailChimp lists will ALWAYS be the same. We made it possible for those MailChimpers out there to connect their favorite email marketing service to WebinarGeek. This will help you put new webinar registrations directly on your mailing list. That is, if they aren’t already on it.

Easy as that! It’s no longer needed to export your list of participants to .csv and upload them again in MailChimp. Synchronizing the data between MailChimp and WebinarGeek will be completely automatic from here on out.

What does MailChimp integration do in WebinarGeek?

Essentially, it helps you save a lot of time (and effort). By integrating MailChimp with WebinarGeek, you’ll make sure that everyone subscribing to your webinar will get auto-added to your email list. That is, if they aren’t already on there. This will keep your email list up-to-date at all times, reducing the need for any type of manual changes.

How to connect MailChimp to your WebinarGeek account?

  • Go to and log in.
  • Click on your profile name to expand your account menu and click on Account.
  • Click on Extras and click on Api keys in the dropdown menu.
  • Copy the pre-existing API key, or create one by clicking on ‘Create A Key’.
  • Paste the copied key in the API key field in WebinarGeek.