Product update March 2020

25 March 2020 - 3 min

In these strange times, we work hard to make our software even better and easier to use. Read here which new features and updates we implemented in March.

Assessments with webinars

Now that all schools in the Netherlands are closed, a creative wat must be found to teach classes. Learning with webinars is nothing new, but now it is also possible to assess with webinars!

By setting different types of criteria, we can calculate afterward which viewers have passed, and which have not. Think of criteria such as viewing time in minutes or percentage, the number of polls answered or completing an evaluation form.

Would you like to know more about how to know more about how to set up an assessment for your webinar? View our documentation on assessment.

Export interactions

We have a new addition to the data that can be exported. You can now also export the results of the interactions of a webinar in a .CSV file.

Use the results overview to gain insights into your target group or to provide feedback to viewers afterward. You can even create frequently asked questions with the input of the interactions.

On-demand chapters

Setting up chapters is a new feature that we made possible for on-demand webinars. Chapters allow viewers to fast forward to a specific chapter during your on-demand webinar.

The chapters are visible in the webinar timeline or dropdown menu after setup. This allows viewers to see which chapter they can skip to. Learn how to set up chapters here.

Italian webinars

It was already possible to create webinars in languages such as English, German, French and Spanish. But now we have also added Italian to the list. By setting a different language, all webinar templates are automatically created in the chosen language.

Validate email addresses

We have improved the validation of email addresses. As a result, people trying to sign up with an incorrect or nonexistent email address with receive an error message. This way you can be sure that participants have registered with a correct email address and have actually received the viewing link for your webinar.