LearnProduct updatesProduct Update March 2022

More and more great features are rolling out. The team of developers is working hard every day so you can have the best webinar experience. Expect many updates this year. For now, we can announce these! Read below what to expect.

Easier CSV import for series

Do you have multiple webinars linked as a series and want to register the attendees yourself? It is even easier now. A feature is added that allows you to register your attendees for all webinars in one go with a CSV file. They will then receive a confirmation containing all the links to the webinars. Tip: you can use this to invite attendees! Just adapt the email to it.

Wanted: testers for the new e-mail editor

Our team has worked very hard on the new email editor. It's almost ready. The new editor has a lot more options to customize your emails. For example, change the order of the text boxes, more fonts options, and more possibilities for adding images. We need you to test the new editor! To make sure it is up and running before the big launch. Want to try out the new email editor? Send a message in our chat, and we will activate it in your account. We look forward to your feedback.

Are there any other features you have in mind that will improve your webinar game? Send us a message in our chat!

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