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Product update: Switch between a dark or light theme

Pam - WebinarGeek


02 March 2023 - 5 min

Once again we are ready to release new features to upgrade your webinar! We always love to receive feedback from your to improve our product. Did you request something? Check out if you can use it already.

Switch between dark or light theme 

Team dark or light mode? We gave you the tip of the iceberg last month, and the update is now live for you to use! The two themes both have advantages. The dark mode puts more focus for viewers on the presentation and camera part of the webinar rather than the sidebar. It is also perfect for presenters with glasses to reduce reflection. Light mode is recommended for overexposed rooms. 

Setting your theme is flexible. Go to the account settings and set if you want viewers to be able to toggle between the themes. Fix a dark or light theme to make sure your webinar room fully suits your branding! And what makes it even better is that we currently work on the ability to upload dark- or light-mode-specific logos. Stay tuned! 

On demand webinars in the upgraded streaming app 

We are slowly rolling out the upgraded streaming app for all webinars! Without a doubt, you’ve noticed the new streaming app we introduced earlier, and now the improvement is also available for on demand webinars. Your audience will have an even better viewer experience with the new layout. New on demand webinar are automatically created in the new and improved layout, your existing webinars will be converted to the upgraded look and functionality in the upcoming weeks. 

Block contacts from registration 

Do you want certain contacts to not be able to view your webinar? A competitor for example? We get that. So we started building a feature that makes your webinar extra secure. You can now block email and IP addresses from subscribing to your webinar so you feel free to share everything you want with your audience! No more stress about leaking a secret to a competitor. We’ve got your back. 

Export all subscriber's data 

The last feature we want to inform you about is that it is possible to export the subscriber's data of all webinars! You are now able to download a .CSV file with all subscribers. Filter who watches a webinar often, send follow-up emails, or invite them to the next webinar! You can do a lot with this info - more about that in the Product Update webinar.

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On March 15 we go live again with our Product Update webinar. Our CTO Remy will showcase every new feature and how you can use it. You also get a sneak peek of what other features we are currently building and ask all your questions. We can’t wait! Subscribe via the button below. 

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