LearnProduct updatesProduct update May 2021

Our development team has been working real hard on something that totally uplifts your webinar game at WebinarGeek. 

We believe that if you are able to operate smoothly on our platform, it’s likely that you will deliver better webinars when you’re live.  

So with that in mind, we made your workspace at WebinarGeek quite more interesting! Introducing the Video Page. 

Video page

Our video page is like having your own Youtube channel - within WebinarGeek. 

A personal video store where you can neatly organize all your video content. Where you can pick a video to show during your webinar and put it back when you’re done. 

Video upload

Now that you have your own video store, let’s fill it up with awesome content! This is where you’ll need the video upload feature. Now hit that +New Video button! 

The upload feature is designed so you can take any video from your computer and upload it directly into WebinarGeek. Right from your video page, you can use the video for on demand or automated webinars. You can also edit details such as the video title and remove it again if you’re not using the video anymore and want to keep your video store tidy.

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