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Product update: The new German interface!

Pam - WebinarGeek


19 May 2022 - 5 min

Yes, you heard it right! The new Product Update of May is already here. Our developers worked really hard to create these much-requested features. We are proud to announce you can level up your webinars even further! Are you also excited to see what the new features are? Don’t wait any longer, read on. 

Warm up your audience for on demand webinars 

An on demand webinar is a webinar that anyone can watch at any time, whenever they’d like to. Do you want to influence this? As of now, you can also set a start date for your on demand webinars. First, get your audience excited and set a release date for the webinar

. Because you're ramping up the excitement, chances are your audience will grow. Are you hyped to test it out already? Reuse a webinar you previously hosted live and easily convert it to an on demand webinar. 

Sign up for a series with HubSpot

Using HubSpot to sign up participants for your webinar was already possible, but we added a bonus. From now on you can also directly register participants for an entire series! A much-requested feature and we are super happy the developers' team made this possible. How to use it? Check out the Help Center for a detailed explanation of HubSpot

A tailor-made channel for each target group 

The channel is a wonderful feature that you can get a lot out of. New leads or clients can subscribe to your channel to get an update whenever you publish a webinar and add it to the channel. Do you have a broad audience? Then you might want multiple channels so you can tailor your content to them. You can feel it coming: from today you can! Create channels in multiple languages or create themes for channels, you can do anything you want. In this way, you tune your webinars even better to your target audience. 

The interface goes German

We are adding another language to the interface setting besides Dutch and English, German! Soon our German Speaking customers can choose to experience  WebinarGeek in German. Let us know if you want to have WebinarGeek in your language too!

Want to know more? Our CTO Remy explains it all in the Product Update Webinar
Watch the webinar now!

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