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We're excited to announce some major improvements to our webinar software! Our developers worked hard to make sure your favorite webinar software works smoother than ever before. The latest product update brings a host of new tools and enhancements to help you create and deliver more engaging webinars next time you go live. 

Host management for smoother co-presenting

Introducing new host management features that allow main presenters to control the cameras and microphones of co-presenters, easily control who is in view and who is audible. With this new feature, you'll have greater control over the visual and audio aspects of your webinar, ensuring that everyone can be seen and heard clearly. Plus, enjoy a greater sense of security knowing that you can prevent any unwanted surprises during your webinars. 

Host management

Use emoticons in the chat 

Great news for when you like to use the chat! We've added an emoticon picker to the chat, allowing attendees and users to add some extra fun and engagement to their messages. 🎉 Choose from a variety of emoticons to express your reactions and emotions, making it easier to connect with others during your webinars. Try it out now and take your webinars to the next level! 🚀

Emoticon picker

Upgrade your branding game 

We've just introduced a brand new feature - contextual logos. Now, you can easily upload both light- and dark-themed logos from your branding settings. This means that your logo will seamlessly blend into your webinar, providing a cohesive and professional look. Whether you're hosting a webinar during the day or at night, your logo will always look great and stand out. So why wait? Upload your contextual logos today!

contextual logo setup

Worldwide affiliate program

Our affiliate program is now available outside of Europe, which means everyone can earn commission by referring other WebinarGeek customers to our platform. It's a win-win situation - you earn commission while also helping others discover our powerful webinar software. So start spreading the word and watch your earnings grow! 

Join our affiliate program today and see how it can benefit you and your network of webinar enthusiasts.

A revamped streaming page for all types of webinars

Our new streaming app now supports automated webinars, with new features and improvements. Enjoy an optimized mobile experience, with dark and light themes to suit your preferences. With automated webinars, you can now take your webinar game to the next level, reaching a wider audience with ease.

Want to see all new features live in action? We are going live again on the 16th of May to showcase everything that is improved about our webinar software. We also give a sneak peek at which new features are in development. Make sure to be there and save your seat! 

Sign up for the Product Update webinar on 16 May at 2 PM!
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