Product update: The moderator

4 August 2017 - 2 min

Webinar popularity is ever-increasing on the web. For us, the main giveaway is the number of webinars being organized, as well as the average amount of participants for each webinar. The higher the number of participants, the more questions are being asked using live chat. In order to streamline this neverending request for answers, you can now add one or more moderators to the live chat. The moderator role can now be assigned to your webinar participants.

In WebinarGeek we always had the option to ask someone to help you answer chat questions, or at least manage them. That person had to log into your account and responded in chat in your name. Not an ideal situation. That’s why we decided to change that today. Starting today, it’s possible to add moderators through the “Extra users” option.

Because we introduced this feature today, the option “chat live during this webinar” will no longer be relevant, and will therefore be removed. Starting September 1st, 2017, this option will no longer be available. It will only be possible to add a moderator through the new “Extra users” option.

Adding a moderator

Adding a moderator is possible after having created and published a webinar. After publishing your webinar, you will be redirected to the dashboard. That’s where you can add extra users and manage them.

Click on "add user" and fill in first name, last name and email for the person you’d like to add. Choose the role that should be assigned to them. Next, click on “Save”.

Sending invitation link

After having added a moderator, you can send this person an email. This mail will contain a unique link that allows them to login as moderator during the webinar.

The link for the moderator is valid for the entire duration of the webinar, including all broadcasts.

For each webinar, it’s possible to add multiple moderators to the event.

The powers of a moderator

As a moderator you’re able to moderate the live chat during a webinar. It’s possible to respond and add your own messages in both public and private chat. All if this will be done using the moderator’s own name.

You can answer questions directly yourself, or send them to the host. Questions that are being asked more than once can be answered by the host live for all webinar participants.

A moderator can activate or deactivate a chatroom.