Product update: New API available

12 February 2019 - 3 min

The new version of the API is now available. The update makes it easier to integrate webinars even better in the tools you’re already using. We love to make things easy for you!


We published a new API, that offers a lot more options to integrate the webinars completely into the tools you’re already using.

With the WebinarGeek REST API you can manage your webinars, synchronize registration- and viewer information and add registrations to your webinars. It allows you to make a seamless integration between your own tools or systems and WebinarGeek. The API has been created with developers, engineers or other coders in mind. We hope you enjoy integrating with REST API's.

Our full API documentation including many examples and information can be found here: REST API documentation 

Screensharing without Chrome extension

The last version of Google Chrome allows you to screenshare during webinars without the need for an extension. With this update it’s now also possible to directly share a browser tab. Update Google Chrome here and get the latest version!

Anonymizing registration data

After the webinar, you can now anonymize registration data. You can keep statistics, but make all personal data anonymous. Do this using ‘Edit webinar’, choose ‘Options’ next to your previous broadcasts..

Registrations from edited links are now visible in statistics

An overview of all your registrations through edited registration links is now visible in Statistics under ‘Registration’. We hope you like it!