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It’s been a while since we released a Product update but our team has not been sitting still. This month a number of new features have been developed based on your feedback and requests. Curious about what features these are? Keep reading.

Redirecting to external URL

One of the feature requests that we have often seen in the last months is the possibility to direct viewers to your own URL after the webinar. This is now possible! For example, use your own website as an URL and redirect viewers to your own landing page after the webinar. This way they can instantly schedule a call, purchase your product or subscribe to your mailing list. n ze direct een call inplannen, je product aanschaffen of zich inschrijven voor je mailinglijst.

You can easily set up your own URL on the sales page.

4000 viewers

Maybe you’ve already heard the word on the street. It’s now possible for advanced plans to host webinars for up to 4000 viewers. That’s double our previous maximum number of 2000 viewers. Ideal if, for example, you want to host a large event via WebinarGeek.

Please note! These numbers are only available in an advanced plan. Are you interested in increasing your viewer limit or do you want to upgrade your subscription? Please contact us via the support chat.

Improved overview statistics

A natural consequence of large viewer numbers is that the overview in the statistics can quickly become unclear. Therefore it’s now possible to filter in the statistics of the webinar. For example, take a look at the registrations; if you unfold all registrations you will see the filter button. You can filter by name or by the email address of the registrant. This way you have a clear overview of your statistics.

Sharing browser tab

In addition to all the new features, we have also made some adjustments to the screen sharing feature. Because of these changes, the sharing of your screen has improved and you now share your software or presentation in even higher quality.

Email templates

Our email templates have also been improved. Now the emails adapt better to small devices like your smartphone or tablet. A well-designed, but above all clear email ensures a higher conversion rate, so bring on all those subscribers!

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